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Faculty of MCA

Sno. Name Designation Qualifications Area Mobile E-mail
1 Prof (Dr.) A.N.Singh Director M.Sc., M.B.A., Ph.D. Marketing & Operations 9411684493 director.rbsmtc@gmail.com
2 Prof (Dr.) Payal Garg Director(Admin.& Fin.) M.B.A., NET, Ph.D. Finance & Accounting 9897205553 payalgarg.rbs@gmail.com
3 Prof (Dr.) K. K. Goyal Professor & Dean M.C.A., Ph.D. Software Engg., DAA, Cryptography 9412170098 kkgoyal@gmail.com
4 Prof (Dr.) Pankaj Saxena Professor M.Sc., M.C.A., Ph.D. Networking, Data Mining 9557445758 pankajrbsmtc@gmail.com
5 Dr. Praveen Sengar Asst. Professor M.C.A., Ph.D. DBMS, Computer Organisation 9808093531 psengar14@gmail.com
6 Dr. Gunjan Singh Asst. Professor M.C.A., NET, Ph.D. AI, ANN and SC 9837018152 singhgunjan8@gmail.com
7 Dr. Meetendra Singh Asst. Professor M.C.A. , Ph.D. OOPs,Java Programming,Cloud Computing 9997775422 meetendra26@gmail.com
8 Mr. Manoj Kr. Chauhan Asst. Professor M.C.A., M.Sc.(Statistics) Cyber security,Computer Networking 9358779473 manojchauhan72@gmail.com
9 Mr. Amit Kohli Asst. Professor M.C.A., M.Sc.(Maths) CBNST , OT 9412315110 amitkohli2k1@yahoo.com
10 Mr. Mayank Gautam Asst. Professor M.C.A. DBMS,Networking 8171233370 mayankgtm0@gmail.com
11 Mr. Abhay Shanker Mudgal Asst. Professor M.C.A.,M.Sc.(Maths) OR,Maths & Automata 9897667074 mudgal09abhay.rbs@gmail.com
12 Mr. Kuldeep Kumar Asst. Professor M.C.A. Software Engineering and OS 8126487581 rbskuldeepkumar@gmail.com
13 Mr. Gyanendra Singh Tomar Asst. Professor MTech.(CS) Computer Graphics , Computer vision 9548795895 gstagra@gmail.com
14 Ms. Suprabha Sharma Asst. Professor MCA Professional communication,e-commerce and principles of management 7028310150 suprabhasharma24@gmail.com
15 Ms. Aishwarya Gautam Asst. Professor B.Tech, MTech.(CS) E-Commerce , OS 7906207404 iccyaishwarya@gmail.com

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